Student Showcase

Digital Citizenship Glossi

Digital Literacy students collaborated to create a digital citizenship magazine. Students spent several weeks researching, writing, revising, and creating this publication. I am pleased to showcase each edition of Digital Citizenship and hope you will  share the work of my students with the stakeholders of your school community!

Click on the image below to access the Digital Citizenship Glossi Created by my period 2 class. 

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 5.23.13 PM


Click on the image below to access the Digital Citizenship Glossi created by my period 5 class.

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 5.28.47 PM

Digital Citizenship Touchcasts:

Shown below are the Digital Citizenship newscasts my students created using the Touchcast app. Students worked in teams of 2 to 4 and researched one of the nine elements of digital citizenship. The first Touchcast is from BHS freshmen Victor (the V-Rampage) Ramirez and Orlando Rodrigues.  The transcript of Victor and Orlando’s rap can be found here. I hope you will share their creations with the students, teachers, and administrators in your school community.

The rest of the Digital Citizenship Touchcasts can be found here:


Digital Citizenship Google Site

The culminating project for the fall 2013 semester in Web 2.0 was the development of a Digital Citizenship Google Site. The site was built collaboratively by all Web 2.0 students in both my period 2 and period 5 course (more than 30 students total). Topics within the site include all the major units we studied and showcase student work. I am very proud of what my students put together and hope it will be helpful to other students, teachers, administrators, parents, and communities that are considering implementing digital citizenship education into their curriculum.

The link to the Google Site can be found here: BHS Digital Citizenship Fall 2013

Below is the welcome video that can be found on the homepage of the site. This video was created with the apps Tellagami, Haiku Deck, and iMovie and this app smash was one of my personal favorites of the semester! Creating this video, along with the rest of the site, was an incredible learning experience for my students. The level of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity used throughout the creation of this site makes this project an excellent example of 21st century teaching and learning. Thanks for viewing the work of my students!

Walking in the Right Direction- E-reputation

In the Digital Footprint and Reputation unit of the BHS Digital Literacy/Web 2.o course, students learned about the about the benefits of sharing information online as well as the risks of sharing inappropriate content. Students learned that anything they post about themselves or anything others post about them becomes a part of their public, permanent digital footprint. Throughout the unit, students were encouraged to think critically about what they post and share about themselves online and the impact this can have on their e-reputation. In an effort to help students build their e-reputations, each student was able to create a digital resume using the tool Creating a digital resume allows students to highlight their academic background and achievements, work and volunteer experience, extracurricular activities, and honors and awards. Below are links to each student’s If you teach a class which emphasizes responsible digital citizenship, or career preparation, you may want to consider integrating into your classroom. If your students have created LinkedIn accounts, will automatically pull the information from LinkedIn to create a graphical representation of a student’s work experience. I highly recommend to any educator who wishes to help guide their students towards building the best e-reputation possible.

Period 2:
Frederick B.
Dillon B.
Brendan B.
Cecilia C.
Julia C.
Erin C.
John D.
Michael D.
Ryan D.
Miranda F.
David K.
Peter L.
Nick M.
Casey P.
Gerry R.
Kelsey R.
Mark S.
Nick W.
Nick W. 

Cyber Bullying- iMovie Magic

For the past several weeks, Digital Literacy students have been hard at work creating their cyber bullying iMovie trailers. The trailer I created to serve as an example can be viewed here. For this project, students had to select a trailer theme, create a storyboard, and produce their very own iMovie trailers. For many students, this was their first experience using the iMovie iPad app. They are excited to use the app again and continue developing their skills in planning and organizing high-quality videos. I am very proud to share their creations!

Creative Credit and Copyright-You Can’t Just Take It!

Shown below is an Animoto, which has been uploaded to YouTube, featuring video messages from my students about creative credit and copyright. The images shown in the Animoto are slides from the Haiku Decks that my students created this past week. Inspiration for some of the Haiku Decks created and our finished Animoto product came from a Creative Commons video created by Justin Cone. Justin was the winner of the Creative Commons Moving Images Contest and his video explains how Creative Commons licenses work. Remixing some of Justin’s work and adapting it to this project clearly illustrates the power of Creative Commons! Further inspiration for this project, and in particular the idea to make a PSA as a finished product, came from an excellent blog post recently shared by BIll Ferriter.

Student learning goals for this project were to research, summarize, and present an aspect of copyright by creating a presentation using the app Haiku Deck. Working in pairs and trios, students read various web resources, divided the material into pieces, and each student created his or her own Haiku Deck.

This was a formative assessment which allowed me to gauge my students’ reading comprehension, creativity, presentation skills, information literacy, technical skills, and ability to work with others. Overall, the students did a nice job considering the level of difficulty of the material they had to read, analyze, and present.

I am very proud of them for stepping in front of the camera (some of them for the very first time!) and sharing their messages with the world! But what’s even better than that, is that I think my students are pretty proud of themselves :)…AND THEY SHOULD BE!!!


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