Digital Literacy-Period 5-Spring 2014

Student Blogs-
Every Friday, students have the opportunity to blog. Please take a few moments to visit my students’ blogs and more importantly, leave comments! They would love to hear from you and get a conversation going!

Emily B.- Life of the Arts– This is about theater, singing, and dancing and includes different performances I have been in and has something called Dancer of the Week and that shows dancers I like.
Lauren B. – Cooking Adventures – A blog about learning to cook
Kayla C. Every Show For Itself – A blog about television
Melissa D. All About Bey– A blog all about Beyonce
Kaela H. – Sports Scene – A blog all about sports
Fernando L.- Sole Club– A blog of release dates and pictures of sneakers
Matt M. – Matt’s Sports Adventures – A blog about adventures in sports
Will M.- Ball is Life– A blog about basketball
Dan M.- Sole Club – A blog of release dates and pictures of sneakers
Nick P.- Sports Central– A blog all about sports
Abhi P.- Cricket, Tips, Tricks, & Rules– A blog about the sport of cricket
Victor R.- Pro Swish– A blog about professional basketball
Brendan R. – Frozen Feet– A blog about the NHL
Orlando R.- Fresh Whipz- A blog about all types of cars
Robert S. –LaxBro– A blog all about lacrosse
Zack V.- Pure Puck – A blog all about hockey

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