Digital Literacy-Period 2- Spring 2014

Student Blogs-
Every Friday, students have the opportunity to blog. Please take a few moments to visit my students’ blogs and more importantly, leave comments! They would love to hear from you and get a conversation going!

Evan C.- 99 Problems – (but a Pitch ain’t one)– A blog about the many different aspects of professional baseball
Cameron C. – Motocross Madness– A blog about dirt bikes
Juliana C. – Gymnast Things– A blog about the life of a gymnast
Jake D.- Grid Iron Athletics– A blog about the grit of high school sports
Derek F.- NCAA Nation– A blog about college basketball
Connor G.- Sports Fever– A blog about sports
Emily G. – Butter Incorporated – baking, pictures and recipes
James H.- Athletics World Wide– Teen sports, professional sports,and enhancements
Ryan J. – Senior Year Tennis – A blog about my last year playing tennis
Cameron M. Sports Yearly – a blog about sports
Roniak P. – Little Red Helper– Experiences/Story’s of volunteering at Winchester Hospital
Ashley P. – Leap for Dancer– Life in the studio- a dancer’s life and learning experience
Chris R. – Smoking Hot Sports – A blog about sports
Michael S.- Munchies 101– A blog about food
Joey S. –Sporty Crazy- A blog about hockey
Rebecca S.-  Test Strips and Insulin– The Life Behind A Teenage Diabetic



4 comments on “Digital Literacy-Period 2- Spring 2014

  1. These are amazing! And I’m encouraged that something like this will work in my classroom. I’m considering finishing out the year with something like this. Thanks so much! AWESOME!

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