Digital Literacy-Period 1 Fall 2014

Below are links to my students’ blogs for the Fall Semester 2014. Most of the blogs relate to sports, but there are several others related to technology and what it is like to be a teenager growing up in the 21st century. My students have already experienced the excitement of receiving views and comments, so please take a moment to read and comment!

BHS Digital Literacy- Fall 2014

BHS Digital Literacy-
Fall 2014

Coleman B. – Diamond Pro Baseball
Stephanie B. – Fierce Five Going for the Gold Again
Sarah C. – Life Through the Eyes of a Teenager
Chris D. – Technology in my Life
Meghan Gaffney – Meghan’s Blog
Chris Gedick – Ice Cold Blog
John K. – Technology’s Impact on the World
Mike M. – Get Big or Get Lost
Nik0 M. – Nikko’s Blog and Stuff
Anthony R. – Anthony Item Discovery
Jeffrey R. – Hockey: For The Rink Rats
Allan V. – Allan’s Military Blog
Alvin Z. – The Top Companies To Work For
Alec R. – All Things Sports


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