20% Time Blog Project

You will blog 20% of the time (once per week) in this class. You will learn the technical aspects of setting-up and maintaining your blog. You will receive a project grade at the end of the semester for your “completed” blog. My hope is that you will continue to blog even once this class has ended. As the job market becomes more and more competitive, maintaining an active blog and controlling your digital footprint will help you stand out among your peers and ideally help you achieve your future academic and career goals. The details of the 20% time project can be found here.

The requirements for your blog are as follows:

1. About Me

This is the most important page on your blog. It explains to your audience (which will be global) who you are and what your blog will be about. Here are some additional suggestions for your About Me page:

-An appropriate picture
-Academic, extra-curricular involvement, athletics, hobbies, interests, etc.
-Plans, goals after high school (college, military, workforce)
-Your talents and strengths (will be impressive to a future employer or college admissions rep)

2. Posts

You are required to post weekly to your blog. Here are the guidelines and suggestions for posts:

-No length requirements for posts. Aim for posts that are informative, entertaining, or persuasive
-Use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation; avoid “text lingo”
-Add links to external resources in your posts if applicable
-Embed videos
-Use interesting images

Additional Requirements:

Blog title & tagline– the title of your blog should be appropriate and connect to the theme of your blog. You may also want to create a tagline. Think of the tagline as “the slogan of you.” You have the opportunity here to show your creativity. Take advantage of that and show your creativity.

Digital Resume:

Your blog will serve as an excellent resource to promote BRAND YOU to college admission representatives and to potential future employers. You can use a tool such as About.Me or Re.vu to create your digital resume. Once your digital resume is completed you will link it to your blog.  While you may not have a lot of work experience right now, your digital resume can highlight your academic and extracurricular involvement and show an employer that you are serious about your education and professional goals. Each of your digital resumes will be unique in their appearance and content. I will assist each of you in creating the strongest digital resume possible.


The full grading rubric can be found on the rubric page. Elements of your blog that will be graded included:

1. Frequency- posts are to occur a minimum of once per week (Friday will be blog day!)

2. Quality of writing, grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure, etc.

3. Content- posts reflect a central theme(s)- this should be established before you start

4. Design- format and structure of posts are visually appealing

5. Citations- elements of blog which are not original creations (ex. images) are properly cited and links to the creator are provided. Creative commons licensed works should be used.



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