Digital Timeline

Project Overview:

Using the Web 2.0 tool Dipity, or a similar web-based digital timeline tool, you will collaborate with your peers and you will create a historical digital timeline. Here is a sample Dipity of the life and career of Steve Jobs. Seeing this example will help you visualize what a completed Dipity looks like.

This project will require you and your classmates to research the major technological developments which have impacted and shaped the current landscape of the way individuals and society are using modern technology. How far back you go in your research of the development of modern technology is up to you. This timeline could be quite extensive, as there are countless events and developments from the past that have impacted technology as we know it today. Your team’s job is to sift through all these various events and determine  the ones that have had the greatest and most significant impact and are deserving enough to be included in your timeline. You will need to be prepared to justify and defend your selections at the conclusion of this project.


I will supply you with a small list of several individuals and organizations that I would like you to research and include in the timeline. However,  you can add to this list should you find additional people who have contributed to the development of technology and/or include events that occurred throughout history if your team believes they are significant. Once the timeline is complete, you will present your findings to the class in the form of an oral presentation.

To get you started, I’ve embedded a few video clips of historic events in the development of technology as we know it today.

Note: I realize that two out of these three video clips focus on Apple, as does the image at the top. By no means am I suggesting that Apple, or Steve Jobs for that matter, is the only company and the only individual who has contributed to the development of current technology. There are many companies and individuals that have contributed to technology as we know it today, and you will learn this through your research. I have included videos from Apple however because I know it is a company that most of you are familiar with. I’m willing to be almost all of you most likely have an iPhone or iPod in your pocket, and all of you bring an iPad with you to school everyday. Keep in mind however this is not a timeline project about Apple or Steve Jobs. This is a project that should provide an overview of all the key players and companies that have made contributions to the technology that we are using daily. As previous stated, this is a timeline that could go on forever, so pick your events and individuals wisely! There really is no “right” answer to the development of this timeline as long as you can provide a rationale for your selections.

Video Clips:

The first is a video clip from the movie The Pirates of Silicon Valley. In this scene, Bill Gates and his team are meeting with executives from IBM. The scene depicts a deal that was made between the young Microsoft and the corporate giant IBM. To fully understand the implications of this historic negotiation, you will need to conduct further research on what happened before, after, and since this historic agreement was made.

This next video clip features a commercial from 1984 introducing the first Apple MacIntosh personal computer. See if you can research what made this commercial so historical.

This next video once again features Apple. This was the world’s first introduction to the Apple Ipod. Again, see if you can determine what made this a significant event in the history of technology, especially on our society as a whole.

Project Extension:

Think of this part of the project as “extra credit.” In the clip below, Steve Jobs talks about his products becoming obsolete. Jobs has been acclaimed by critics and supporters alike for being a visionary and this clip clearly demonstrates that Jobs was in fact that; a visionary. As a project extension, provide a prediction on where we will be with technology 10, 15, and 20 years from now. What kinds of products do you think will be developed? How will our lives change even further? Discuss with your team what the future may hold for your generation and generations to come in terms of technology and what it will allow us to do.


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