Cyberbullying PSA

Project Overview:

For this project, you will work in a collaborative team to create a public service announcement about cyberbullying. Using the knowledge you have gained about cyberbullying, your goal is to educate your peers about this topic. Your ultimate goal is to influence others to use social media for positive and safe online communication and interactions. Your PSA should be creative in its design and form and resonate with a teenage audience. The finished PSA should be something that your peers want to Tweet, Like, and share with others.


You have complete creative freedom in developing your PSA. You may use any type of app or web 2.0 tool to create your PSA. You may have video, images, music, etc. However, keep in mind that you must follow copyright laws if using pictures that you do not own. You may conduct interviews and include them in the PSA. You may incorporate text, animation, and transitions to bring your PSA to life.  In terms of content,  you want to demonstrate to me that you understand the complex issue of cyberbullying, so be sure that you identify and summarize the most important points from the unit in your finished product. You may want to conduct some primary research (a quick survey or poll) among your peers and include primary statistics about cyberbullying from the perspective of students at BHS.  All group members should be involved in the development of the PSA. You will need to collaborate on the theme, design, script, sound, filming, editing, etc. of the PSA. Finished products will be uploaded to my YouTube channel and will also be embedded into your personal WordPress blogs.


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