Digital Literacy: Week of October 14th

This week will wrap up our study of how the Internet works and will begin our exploration of the nine elements of digital citizenship. The rest of the course will focus heavily on digital citizenship. We will use resources from Common Sense Media, Google, NetSmartz, and Cyberwise to learn the various aspects of digital citizenship. Our fist project will be to create a digital citizenship public service announcement in honor of digital citizenship week and connected educator month.

We will also continue to blog every Friday and comment on the blogs of our blog buddies from New Jersey.



Digital Literacy: Week of September 22nd

This week we will first spend some time reading and commenting on each other’s blogs. We will also be reaching out to other classrooms throughout the country to establish “blog buddies.” The goal is to make a connection with another class and begin a dialogue through commenting.

This week we will also be starting a new project covering the Internet. Students will work with the app Explain Everything to create a multi-media presentation.

The details of the project can be found by clicking here. As with all of the projects in this course, once completed, students will be more productive and informed digital citizens.

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 3.44.52 PM

Digital Literacy Week in Review

The first full week back to school was eventful for this year’s Digital Literacy students.

Students created and shared Animotos and today they started their 20% time blogging project by setting up their WordPress blogs. They’ve selected unique URL’s for their blogs and have been brainstorming topics to write about. They have been exposed to the WordPress dashboard and have learned the difference between a page and a post. We’ve also discussed the type of information that should be shared and the importance of staying safe in the digital world. In addition, they’ve learned that blogging will allow them to become better writers. We’ve been discussing the importance of using proper grammar, punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure and word choice. They’ve learned that through blogging they will begin to create a digital reputation which they can be proud of and share with a global audience.

Next week they will write their first post and will learn how to insert images and hyperlinks. We will also discuss Creative Commons and copyright. Students will learn how to tag their posts to increase traffic to their blogs as well as methods to encourage readers to comment and hopefully start a dialogue.

I look forward to sharing links to all of my students’ blogs and sharing their voices with the world. I’m sure they will be impressive!