For Parents-Common Sense Media

Greetings Parents!

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Throughout the semester, your child will learn about Digital Citizenship with the help of the high quality and interactive resources provided by Common Sense Media. Students will complete four digital citizenship units and will take an online assessment at the conclusion of each unit. Students must earn an 80% of higher on the assessment. Your child will be permitted to take the assessment multiple times should they not earn the minimum required score.

Below are the specific concepts connected to Digital Citizenship your child will study:

-the role media plays in their lives
-the benefits  and potential risks of sharing inappropriate information
-the legal and ethical aspects of respecting creative work
-the different pressures teens face when it comes to editing, posting, and commenting on photos online
-the concepts associated with online ethics
-the relationship between their on and offline identities
-how to foster a positive online community
-the risks and rewards of forming online relationships
-the dynamics of online cruelty and how it affects all of the people involved
-the concept of online privacy and how to protect other’s privacy online
-the impact of posting information about oneself online and the creation of a digital footprint
-the ways websites and companies collect data online and utilize it to personalize content for their users
-the definition of hate speech and  how it affects individuals, groups, and communities
-the purpose and impact of editing digital photos
-the benefits and drawbacks of using collective intelligence

You may access the entire scope and sequence of the Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship curriculum by clicking here.  Students will access the curriculum materials through their iPads. It is critical that your child bring his/her iPad to class everyday. As a reminder, be sure your child’s iPad is fully charged and has the latest iOS.

Family Tip Sheets & Conversation Starters: 

In order to help support your child’s learning, I have provided you with Common Sense Media’s collection of family tip sheets. Each tip sheet explains the digital citizenship issue, why it’s important, and advice for parents on what you can do to help your child become a responsible citizen of the online world.  You are encouraged to engage in digital citizenship discussions with your child and the tip sheets, linked below, will help you start the conversation.

Boys, Girls and Media Messages
Digital Life
Digital Relationships
Online Self Expression
Plagiarism & Privacy
Research & evaluation
Respecting Creative Work
Risky Online Relationships
Strategic Searching




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