Week 6

The Innovation of Loneliness 

Critical Thinking Questions:

1. The narrator in this video says that based on the research, humans are incapable of having more than 150 intimate relationships. Would you agree? How many friends/followers do you have on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram? Do you have meaningful relationships with these people? What is your definition of a meaningful relationship? Is it possible for a virtual relationship to have meaning? Provide specific examples from your own experiences with digital technology to support your opinions.

2. Do you agree with the author’s assertion and supporting reasons as to “loneliness being man’s greatest ailment?” Do feel as though social media is bringing us closer together or bringing us further apart?

3. Are you sacrificing “conversation” for mere “connection?” Has your involvement with social media effected how you view and define the true meaning of friendship?

4. Do you think it’s true, based on your personal experience, and your observation of others, that we are “expecting more from technology, and less from each other?” Do you think we use technology to define ourselves?

5. Summarize in your own words the central idea of this video as it relates to digital technologies.


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