Week 5

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

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This week you will write a post about Twitter. We have already been using Twitter in and outside of class, but now I’d like you to start thinking critically about whether or not you are using Twitter responsibly and appropriately. Stop right now and look at your last 10 Tweets. Make note of the content and context of each Tweet. Keep that in the back of your mind as you read on.

I’d now like you to examine how I and some of your other teachers and the BHS administration are using Twitter.  Look at the first 10 Tweets on my profile page, or of Mr. Sullivan’sMr. Larkin’s or Mr. Villano’s. How are we using Twitter? Is it different than the way you are using it?

Next I’d like you to look at some of the people I’m following. There are three distinct types of people that I follow. Can you figure out what those groups are? Now take a look at who you follow. Are the people you follow in the career field you intend to pursue someday? Are they experts who you can learn from? What do you think would happen if you started following industry professionals? Last take a look at hashtags. What kinds of hashtags do I and other teachers at BHS use? Do they mean anything? Are they popular and followed by the masses? What hashtags do you use? What do they mean?

In addition to your Twitter self-analysis and comparison, I’d like you to read this article . Keep these guiding questions in mind as you read this article.

1. The author writes, “In business and life, there are people we associate with. Some we have to; some we want to. Some we need to avoid.” What do you think the author means by this? Can you think of people that you associate with via Twitter that you feel as though you “have” to? What is the difference between “wanting” to follow someone versus “having” to follow someone? What kinds of people on Twitter should you avoid?

2. The author says that we should unfollow people who “travel in the questionable areas of life.” How would you interpret this? Are there people on Twitter that you follow who fall into this category? If so, would you be willing to unfollow them? Why or why not?

3. The author talks about leadership, but states it is first important to have a relationship with yourself. He says you must “define your values, understand your character, and embrace your purpose.” Could you do that? What do you value and how would you describe your values and purpose? Before you attempt to answer those questions, read this article. Like the author says, it takes at least a month to define your values, and because you are still in high school, your values are just beginning to take shape and will certainly change as you grow into adulthood. However, it doesn’t hurt to start thinking about what you value now and start to make choices, even if it’s what you choose to Tweet and who you choose to follow, that reflect your developing values.

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