Self-Image & Identity

Unit Overview: Who Are You Online?

Students will examine their own digital lives, focusing on their online versus their offline identity. Students will understand the benefits and risks of presenting themselves through different personas and the effects on their sense of self, their reputation, and their relationships.

Key Terms:


Unit Activities:


A. Analysis of “Henry’s story”

1. Why does Henry not reveal his age in the music forum he belongs to?
2. Henry claims he does not create a different online persona. Do you believe him? Why or why not?
3. Henry says in real-life you have to “prove yourself.” What does he mean by this?
4. Henry says the Internet takes away having to prove yourself. Do you agree with this? Why or why not?
5. Why do you think it is important to be genuine online?
6. What are the potential problems of being anonymous and less inhibited online?

B. Instagram & Self-Image

1. How has the introduction of Instagram effected the way you present yourself online?
2. What kinds of images do you see your peers posting to Instagram? Do these images accurately reflect your peers’ true persona?
3. How could Instagram be used to help you create a positive digital footprint?
4. How has Instagram changed the way people interact online?

Image Credit: JAMoutinho; flickr

Image Credit:
JAMoutinho; flickr


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