Privacy & Security

Unit Overview: Is it possible to have a private life?

In this unit, students will explore the concept of privacy in their individuals lives and how it relates to their use of the Internet. Students will understand the importance of setting privacy controls on the social networks. Students will also know how and why companies collect private information about the consumers who visit their websites. Students will understand companies must disclose their privacy policies.

Key Terms:

Privacy Options

Unit Resources & Activities:

Working in teams, research the privacy policies and guidelines of each of the companies listed below. After researching and thoroughly examining each company’s policy, be prepared to deliver an oral presentation to the class about your assigned company. In your presentation, be sure to address the following questions:

1. What kinds of information does the site collect, and how does the sites use the information.
2. Does the company collect personal information?
3. Does the company use cookies, or does it give out data to third parties?
4. Does the company give users a choice of privacy options?
5. What does your group think about the site’s privacy policy?

Facebook Privacy Policy
Twitter’s Privacy Policy
YouTube’s Privacy Guidelines Privacy Notice
E-Bay Privacy Policy

Image Credit: Miss Mini Graff; Flickr

Image Credit:
Miss Mini Graff; Flickr


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