Digital Footprint & Reputation

Unit Overview: That’s Gonna Leave a (Permanent) Mark

In this unit, you will learn the about the benefits of sharing information online as well as the risks of sharing inappropriate content. We will explore the risks and responsibilities of engaging in relationships in a digital world. You will learn that anything you post about yourself or anything others post about you online becomes a part of your public, permanent digital footprint. At the conclusion of this unit, you will be able to think critically about what you post and share about yourself online and the impact on your e-reputation. You will understand you have control over your digital footprint.
The collaborative project for this unit will be the digital tattoo project.

Key Terms:

Digital Footprint
Digital Dossier

Unit Activities & Resources:

Articles & Statistics:

College Admission Officers Check Social Media Too
Students: Get Ready to Be Googled
The Google Yourself Challenge
Managing Your E-Reputation


Digital Footprint
Compare your score

Digital Footprint Make Over
Digital Disaster


2 comments on “Digital Footprint & Reputation

  1. We as teens are not aware of what is out there and how much one simple post could affect us. We are simply cought up on tye fact that we want to look “cool” online and that is not the case it goes far and beyond that. We are putting ourselfs in danger every time we treat the computer as our diary. We are constatly perseived as person and a profesional and its time we take it into consideration. Now I’am more aware of how delicated it is to put myslef out there and how it can effect me in the future in many ways. I will think twice of what I’am posting and ask myslef if it could make a diffrence in my future and effect me in any way. The internet is a really helpful but harmful weapon therefore we should treat it as a resource. I will be very careful on what i post and how i post it for it not to affect my future.

  2. “The Google yourself challenge” was a great way to see how much media we are in, how much things we post up without realizing who is watching us online, also on how we look towards an employee or college recruiter. I feel like ” The Google Yourself challenge” will help students be more careful with what they post online and to watch what they get tagged in or what their friends post about them online.

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