Unit Overview:

Is It Free Speech or Cyberbullying?

In this unit we will discuss the positive and negative aspects of communicating with each other online. We will define the term cyberbully, identify various types of cyberbullying and discuss its impact on the individuals involved. We will evaluate various scenarios to determine what constitutes cyberbullying, analyze the differences between in-person and online bullying, and discuss what teens can do to influence others  to engage in positive communication across social networks. This unit will culminate with the creation of a Cyberbullying PSA.    

Key Terms:

Civil Law
Criminal Law

Unit Activities & Discussion Resources:

The Facts About Cyberbullying
Dealing with Cyberbulllying
Addressing Cyberbullying

Cyberbully Crossword
Case Studies-Mini
What are the Legal Issues?- Case Study Extension

Resources to help create your Cyberbully PSA:
Ten Ideas to Educate the Community About Cyberbullying
Preventing Cyberbullying
Responding to Cyberbullying
How to report abusive behavior on social media

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