Creative Credit & Copyright

Unit Overview: Why Can’t I Just Take It?

You are fortunate to be growing up in a time where you can create, publish, and share your original digital work with others through the Internet. Whenever you create a piece of original work, you are the owner of that work, and you have the ability to dictate if and how others can use what you have created. Likewise, when you discover work that has been created by someone else, you must understand if and how that person’s work can be used by you and others. While it can be a lot of fun to find inspirational creative work online and remix it to create something new, it is not always necessarily legal.

In this unit, you will learn the legal and ethical aspects of respecting the digital work of others.

Key Terms:

Fair Use
Commercial purposes
Creative Commons
Public Domain
No Derivative Works
Share Alike

Unit Activities & Discussion Resources:

Copyright Quiz
Technology Law Timeline

Why Thomas Jefferson Would Love Napster
Owning the Past: A Brief History of Copyright

Movies & TV:
Motion Picture Association of American Copyright Information

What is Online Piracy? RIAA
Who Music Theft Hurts RIAA
Scope of the Problem RIAA
The Law- RIAA
Why Music Matters

Creative Commons:
History of Creative Commons
Understanding Creative Commons-Videos
Types of Creative Commons Licenses
Finding Creative Commons Licensed Works
A Guide to Attributing Creative Commons Materials

The clip below depicts what could happen if a company neglects to copyright their creative work…


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