BHS Digital Literacy-Week of Jan. 13th

This is the last week in Digital Literacy/Web 2.0. 

We will complete the following:

1. Common Sense Media Unit 3 & 4 Assessments

2. BHS in 3D weeks 8 & 9

3. Digital Citizenship Google Site. 

4. Your blog should be up to date with reviews of the following:

-Explain Everything
-BHS in 3D weeks 7, 8, & 9

5. We will also discuss & prepare for the mid-term  


BHS Digital Literacy-Week of Jan. 6th

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

Happy New Year and welcome back!

This week in class we will complete the following tasks:

1. Create videos using the app Animoto. Your assignment can be found here.

2. Submit your Explain Everything Social Media Privacy Assignments using the Google Form found here.

3. Complete BHS in 3D Week 7- The Ban on Social Media in Schools

4. Learn how to use the web tool Tweet Deck and how it can be used to create a customized Twitter experience. You will use Tweet Deck to participate in a live Twitter chat about digital citizenship this coming Wednesday from 7:00-8:00 pm.

5. Vocabulary Quiz (Edmodo) on Information Literacy

BHS Digital Literacy: Week of Dec. 9th

Agenda for the week:


1. Digital Resume- a link to your completed should be added to the About Me page of your blog

2. reflection should be posted to the home page of your blog. Guiding question: How will having a digital resume impact your e-reputation?

Homework: Finish if necessary. Watch the Innovation of Loneliness video

1. BHS in 3D Week 6: The Innovation of Loneliness  Guiding questions can be found by clicking here.
2. Digital Citizenship quote on Instaquote. Tweet link of your quote to me and use the hashtag #digcit

Wednesday & Thursday:

1. Information literacy vocab (post to your blog) and quiz
2. Search strategies with Google
3. Evaluating websites with Radcab & Kathy Shrock


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