BHS Digital Literacy Week of Dec. 16th

This week’s focus in Digital Literacy is on creating a tutorial on how to enable privacy settings in Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. The specifics of the assignment can be found here.

You will be using the app Explain Everything to create your tutorial. Here is a brief tutorial covering some of the basic features of Explain Everything. Use your creativity as you build your tutorial.


BHS Digital Literacy: Week of Oct. 7th

This week in Digital Literacy we will complete the following:

1. Create and present shared Google Presentations
2. Learn to use the app Movenote to turn our Google Presentations into “presentations with emotions” (Tuesday & Wednesday)
3. Begin our unit on Cyberbullying (Thursday & Friday)

Learning goals:
1. Work collaboratively to develop a visual presentation
2. Develop oral presentation skills
3. Develop teamwork, decision-making, and leadership skills

What’s due this week?

1. BHS in 3D Week 4- “The Future of Facebook” is due Friday, Oct. 11th
2. Follow Friday is due Friday, Oct. 11th

This week’s app preview: