Week of Nov. 13th

This week we only have three days of class. Here is the agenda for the week:

1. Finish your iMovies
2. Write your iMovie reflection. The link to the reflection questions is here. 
3. Guest speaker on Friday- Introduction to Digital Reputation


BHS Digital Literacy Week of Nov. 4th

iMovie Trailer Project

We spent last week capturing video for a cyber bullying PSA. Now that you understand the complexities of putting together an effective video, you will have the chance to plan and film a movie of your own. Fortunately, you will have the luxury of creating your movie using the iMovie iPad app.

The timeline for completing this project is:

1. Storyboard planning & development: Tuesday & Wednesday

3. Filming, editing, and finalizing iMovie trailer: Thursday & Friday (this will extend into next week if necessary)

The details of the project; the purpose, requirements, sample iMovie templates, along with the project rubric can be found by clicking here.

Use the iMovie trailer I created (shown below) as a guide to create your own blockbuster hit!