Digital Literacy: Week of September 22nd

This week we will first spend some time reading and commenting on each other’s blogs. We will also be reaching out to other classrooms throughout the country to establish “blog buddies.” The goal is to make a connection with another class and begin a dialogue through commenting.

This week we will also be starting a new project covering the Internet. Students will work with the app Explain Everything to create a multi-media presentation.

The details of the project can be found by clicking here. As with all of the projects in this course, once completed, students will be more productive and informed digital citizens.

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 3.44.52 PM


2 comments on “Digital Literacy: Week of September 22nd

  1. Hello Ms. Sheffer and the BHS Digital Literacy class,
    I teach a similar class in southwest Oklahoma and noted that you all will be searching for blogging buddies this week. I’d like to invite you to explore our class blog: , where you’ll find links to our individual blogs under the Student Blogs tab. A couple of our student bloggers have been surprised by likes and comments from other bloggers they don’t know, giving them a sense of the social aspect of blogging. I believe this came from my having them explore other bloggers and leave comments that generate conversations.
    We hope to hear from you!
    Lisa Snider

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