BHS Digital Literacy-Week of March 17th

Assignments for the week of March 17th.

1. Update About Page of blog to include your Vlog – message should include:

-Name (first name only)
-URL of your blog
-What your blog is about
-Invitation to readers to leave comments

Final vlogs should be completed & posted to your blog by FRIDAY.

2. Finish Glogster. Link to your About Page of your blog. Copy and paste URL of Glogster to the Assignment Turn-In Form.  The requirements & purpose of the Glogster assignment can be found here. Glogster are due by FRIDAY.

3. Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Unit 1 – Lessons 1 & 2

Learning Objectives-Lesson 1
-learn basic statistics about the current digital landscape.
-explore the role that media plays in their lives.
-reflect on the positive and negative impact digital media have on them and on society.

Learning Objectives- Lesson 2
-identify some of the benefits of sharing information online.
-reflect on the risks of sharing inappropriate information (oversharing) online.
-think critically about what they choose to post and share about themselves online.”

You MUST have your iPad to complete these assignments. You will download the Common Sense Media 9-12 Curriculum into your iBooks library.

4. Friday – blog day – be sure your post has the follow:

-Catchy title – suggestions: Ask a question, use numbers, humor, make a bold statement
-Appropriate tags – keywords that relate to your post
-Make reference to an external link- web resource, video, blog post, etc. be sure the link to your resource is bookmarked in Diigo with an appropriate tag. Also include the link in Flipboard or Feedly
-An image that relates to the topic of your post – aim for an image that belongs to you, otherwise you must use an image that is free to use. You must also properly cite your image.

REMEMBER TO COME TO CLASS ON FRIDAY READY TO WRITE YOUR POST. Research for your blog post should be done throughout the week. Use Flipboard to read blog posts and other credible online sources to get inspiration and ideas for your own post. If you need help with this, please let me know. Friday you write and make comments on 3 of your classmates blogs.


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