BHS Digital Litearcy: Week of Nov. 25th

1. We will finalize our Digital Tattoo presentations and once we return from the holiday break, we will discuss what the next step will be in terms of showcasing each presentation. Possibilities include creating an iMovie, Animoto, Movenote, etc.

2. You have learned a lot so far this semester about being safe, respectful, and responsible online. To determine the level of knowledge and understanding you have gained as a result of this course, please complete the following assessment from Common Sense Media which can be found here.

3. Contribute to the Digital Citizenship Voice Thread. (This will be Tuesday night’s homework). For ideas and inspiration, you can use the Smore flyer on Digital Citizenship that I created for you which can be found here.

4.  Using the free app Instaquote, create an original, positive quote that shows your understanding of what it means to be a responsible digital citizen. Please Tweet your quote to me using #BHSiCitizen and be sure to @ mention me. Your Tweet should include the image you create from Instaquote.


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