Blogging Tips

Remember: your blog allows you to connect to a global audience. Through blogging, you can begin to build a powerful personal learning network (PLN), share your opinions and insights, reflect on your learning, showcase what you create in this course, and demonstrate you are a responsible digital citizen. Eventually, you will be able to engage in meaningful conversations with others in the “blogosphere” and these interactions will contribute to you becoming a self-directed learner. Ideally, my goal is for you to continue blogging, even once this course has ended.

Here are a few tips to remember when creating your blog:

1. Longer doesn’t always mean better. Blogger Seth Godin generally features short posts, yet they are incredibly powerful and thought-provoking

2. Use a creative blog title to ” hook” your reader. Ask a question, use alliteration, a number, or the word student. educators (especially me since I’m your teacher!), administrators, and policy makers are interested in hearing more from students; use your blog as a place to share your thoughts, opinions, and make your voice heard!

3. Use an image from Creative Commons and be sure to give attribution to the owner of the work. Better yet, use your own photos and/or create your own images.


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