BHS Google Field Trip- Tuesday, October 1st

Google mosaic tile

Attention all BHS Digital Literacy students: We will be taking a field trip to the Google office in Cambridge on Tuesday, October 1st. Below are the details of the trip. Please share this information with your parents.

Payment for the trip is due no later than Friday, September 20th.

Field Trip Details:

What: Field trip to Google!

When:  Tuesday, October 1st

Where: Cambridge, MA

Cost: $18.00; covers bus transportation & boxed lunch provided by Google; please write a check payable to BHS

Departing BHS: 7:45 a.m.

Arriving back to BHS: 1:15 p.m. (time is approximate)

Field Trip Agenda:

9:10-9:30- registration

9:30-10:00- Welcome/Introduction

10:00-11:00- Tour of Google’s three buildings

11:00-11:45- Lunch

11:45-12:30- Q & A with panel of Googlers

12:30- Departure

Please see me or e-mail me if you or your parents have any questions about this trip!

This will be a great experience for all of you! You will get to actually see the Google work environment and hear from one of my former students, Michael Westervelt, about what it’s like to work for Google. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity!

Googler Michael Westervelt

Googler Michael Westervelt


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