Creating Your Personal Branding Statement: Using a Message Map

Today in class you learned how to create a 15-30 second sales pitch for a product using a message map. We discussed how you will use this technique to sell the product of “you.” Remember these key points when designing your map:

1. Develop a “Twitter friendly” tagline (an overarching statement of who you are)
2. Identify 3 supporting points (the value you can offer)
3. Elaborate on your points with specific examples, stories, etc.
4. Remember your audience (your classmates, teachers, college admission representative, potential employer, etc.)
5. Time yourself and practice! Be sure you can “sell yourself”  in 15-30 seconds!

Remember: You have full control of your message; how you represent yourself and what you choose to share with me and your classmates is up to you (be thinking about how this relates to how you represent yourself online).

The video from today’s class is below to assist you in developing your own message map. Be prepared to share your message map with the class tomorrow. I will be checking that you have created your own map using an app of choice.

Tips for creating your own message map

Tips for creating your own message map


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