Welcome to Digital Literacy!

Welcome to the spring semester of Digital Literacy! This blog will provide you with updates about what students will be learning in the course. Assignments will be distributed and collected via Google Classroom.

For the first assignment, students will be creating an About.Me page. This will be the first of many ways students will begin creating their digital identities. Throughout the course students will study nine elements of digital citizenship and will be using the resources provided by Common Sense Media to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a digitally responsible citizen.


“Be A Citizen”

I’m proud to share “Be a Citizen,” an original BHS Digital Literacy digital short. In this short iMovie, digital literacy students give their advice and tips on how their peers can be responsible digital citizens. Students participated in an “app smash” to complete this project. They used FaceQ to make their avatars, Pic Stitch to make their “side by side” photos, Google Docs to write the lyrics, Google Slides to create a presentation of their avatars, and Google Classroom to submit all the pieces of this project. Students also used Aurasma to make their avatars come to life when scanned with the Aurasma app. Overall, this was an engaging and memorable project for the BHS Digital Literacy students. We hope you enjoy what they’ve put together, but more importantly, that you will share the message about digital citizenship with your own school community.